Rustyfied Vehicles mod:


*Changed Utility truck - rusty body, rolbars instead of doors and few extras like: Camo and Green covers on the back of the truck.

*Changed Sanchez - flamethrower tank, it can fire flames, changed front wheel, rusty body and backfender with a backpack as an extra.

*CLEO3 Mod for the Sanchez so it can fire flames.

*Changed Copbike - Dusty army paintjob, i've put wires and removed the old rims, 2 extras: place for baggage and a backpack.

*Trailer for the Utility truck - rusty cage trailer for the Utility truck.

*Airboat - rusty airboat, with 2 extras: front double seat with shotgun on the left side, turret with shield.

Ingame screens: by ALEXE


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